Coolant leak and power steering problems?? on 1995 Chevrolet Beretta

I just bought a Beretta and it has a coolant leak coming from the front passenger side of the car in front of the tire. I can't pinpoint so I am going to take it in and have a pressurize cooling system done. My question is this..why would my power steering stop working at the same time the leak is happening..does coolant have anything to do with the steering wheel being hard to turn???

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Leaking coolant on to the belt causing slippage. Possibly leaking out of seam at the radiator.
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If your Beretta is leaking coolant, get it in IMMEDIATELY. I took my '94 Beretta into the shop numerous times because of a coolant leak. Both the lower and upper hoses on the radiator had to be replaced. All was good for about two days, then the car's head gasket blew. My advice, make sure they look over EVERYTHING.