coolant leak on 1999 Mercedes-Benz ML320

major coolant leak. as soon as i put coolant it leaks out. coming from the front of the engine block. directly behind the fan. i can squeeze any of hoses and hear the air push through and more coolant comes out. doesn't seem to be any oil mixed in. any ideas? i just drove this things 700 miles yesterday. wife went to the store came home and it leaked everything in the garage.

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It could be the water pump that is leaking or any of the water hoses but it sounds like the coolant is leaking out so quickly it is unsafe to drive. You may need to use a small mirror and flashlight to determine the source of the leak or even remove the fan belt or brackets at the front of the engine to pinpoint the leak. To find a very tricky leak an auto repair shop may drain the cooling system and use a machine that generates smoke to find the leak.

Sounds like perhaps the water pump is leaking!
i can see that the leak is not coming from any of the hoses. it is coming from right behind the crankshaft fan. certainly won't drive it, it is leaking to much.
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The coolant reservoir is cracked right behind the bolt that holds it in
Place or leaking from the bottom where the level
Indicator is located.