coolant leak on 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan

I just noticed today that once the car has been driven and engin is hot, there is a small coolant puddle under the car after it has been parked. There is a leak/drip coming down from under the belt area. After a few minutes it stops. I am thinking it is a water pump problem??? The coolant levels are good. What do you think it is? Should it get fixed right away, or if I keep checking the fluid levels can I get a few weeks to worry about it.


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Had the same problem for a month or so - its the water pump most likely. The water pumps have an inner seal and outer seal, and my mechanic said the inner seal tends to fail. You should be OK for a while if you keep the fluid levels up. Replacement is pricey - the thing is in a difficult place. If you get it replaced, replace the serpentine belt at the same time as you have to remove it anyway. Good luck!
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What eng do you have in it.
Most likely the water pump. But its hard to see that far from here. Any coolant leak is serious. I'm in Florida and a coolant here means big problems. Of course we are in the cool 70's to 80's. I was born in Milwaukee, I still remember around this time of the year it's not to warm. If you do postpone it, keep adding a 50/50 mix of coolant in it. The leak will not get any better. DO NOT PUT ANY STOP LEAK IN IT! If you have anymore questions e-mail me at Good luck
It is a 3.8