1995 Isuzu Rodeo Q&A

1995 Isuzu Rodeo Question: coolant leak

coolant leak behind timing belt cover -
Answer 1
Not sure what your question is, can you be more specific? -
Answer 2
Me TOO! Passenger side behind the Timing belt plate not the cover. Where is the freeze plug? -
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seems to have a coolant leak at back of engine and tramission
New water pump just installed along with timing belt. Still leaking coolant from behind the timing belt plate.
Shows no sign of leaking oil and does not have any smoke when going down the road.
we replaced the thermostat and my rodeo is still overheating. u cant even drive it a mile down the road.
If the thermostat is bad whould it make the water push out of the radiator when started? It was getting hot one day and using a gallon of water in 25 miles then one day not hot or using any water f...