Coolant is leaking and dripping from the power steering pump. on 1995 Volkswagen Cabrio

Have a 95 VW Cabrio that is dripping coolant below the power steering pump. Replaced the water pump about 6 months ago due to bearing failure and everything went back fine, no leak at that time. Small leak has now developed but can not locate the source. Removed pump and used tube gasket on all connections but still get the same leak. Could it be leaking from someplace else? No water in the oil and car runs fine so don't think it is head gasket. Nothing visible except steady drip under car. Is there another way to test with the car partially disassembled? What about hooking up a garden hose to pressurize system?

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unfortunately, you do the pressure test before you dis asssemble anything. you can add dye to the system and see where it comes out too. the thermostat housing could also be an issue.

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I have a 1987 VW , I have been searching and searching for a fix, including the big VW book, I also have a leak in the same place you do, and am happy to read your comment.
I just can't figure out where the thermostat is, I'm trying to do it myself here, but am by all means not a mechic.
Thanks for posting, it helped.