1997 Chevrolet Tahoe Q&A

1997 Chevrolet Tahoe Question: Coolant in Oil Issue

I have coolant leaking into my oil(engine), so it's head gasket or i was told its an air intake valve that goes through the throttle-body or a crack in the block...Drained oil, coolant and replaced until I can figure out more, I have great compression. -
Answer 1
Unless there's a cracked block or head, the coolant typically comes from a head gasket leak or an intake manifold gasket leak. It's not easy to crack the block or the heads, so I'd suspect a bad head gasket or intake manifold gasket problem. If the intake has never been resealed, it's a very likely source of coolant in the oil. The head gaskets usually don't fail unless the engine's been overheated. You didn't mention any overheating... Here's a directory link for you: https://repairpal.com/directory?address=02766&car_brand_names=Chevrolet -
Comment 1
The tahoe got hot for its first time when this happened,.. made it home, going slow , obviously bc i had like 10quarts of liquid in my motor, to much pressure.. it stalled n my driveway, but never overheated, to my knowledge.. there was not steam, nor fluids leaking.. i drained it immediately.. and then cranked it over. started right up, came to an idle.. and i shut it off, and repeated it and left it.. i'm a body man, i know little about mechanics, but i dont have enough experience to know symptoms to diagnose it.. so like you said I dont think its the block, but the head gasket or manifold gasket, could be my issue, thats what i was looking to hear.. your knowledge is very appreciated... Do a pressure check on the block, if its all good, take the manifold and heads off and reseal everything w/ new gaskets etc.. have the heads manga fluxed? -