coolant flush radiator. labor for thermostat change on 1996 Chevrolet Lumina

coolant flush radiator. labor for thermostat must will it cost for labor to replace thermostat? and also for radiator coolant flush

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It cost about 85.00 at any Pep Boys, Fletcher Tires or Jiffy Lube to replace a Thermostat. Trust me I have done the research. It is about 69.95 for the flush. It isn't necessary to have a flush unless you haven't done one in a couple of years. If you haven't then yes do it. Half of the coolant needs to be drained to install the thermostat, if the coolant is fairly clean then just refilling it is fine. Hope this helps.
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the thermostat is the most expensive. it is around 200, the flush is about 90 bucks.

u need to check ur prices.
the thermostat pays 2.1 hours to change myprices are right on if you go to a shop. sorry, if youdo not believe me but I do this all day every day and the engineers who designed this motor madeit very difficult to acess the thermostat.

If thermostat isn't stuck, working fine, don't changeit. Garage will charge about $40 for flush. No need to spend money u don' have to. Kmart, Walmart wd be cheapest But check with a neighbor u might have a backyard mechanic living close who wd do it cheaper. anti freeze will cost u around $10