Coolant flush on 2000 Chevrolet Cavalier

Its great to explain what coolant does and what a radiator means but it doesnt help if you don't know the procedure on how to change it! Where is the plug cap to drain the fluid even?

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A lot of the modern vehicles don't have a pitcock to drain the radiator so when the vehicle is cold you have to remove the lower radiator hose at the radiator and drain the coolant into a bucket for proper recycling and reinstall the hose with clamp very tight and refill the system. But this can be tricky as after the thermostat opens you must top off the system again but be careful don't open the cap when its hot. Better off having a drive thru oil changer flush the system
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Don't you hate smart asses, It is true there isn't drain plug, but one can drain the coolant at the thermastat housing it should be located attached to a rubber hose behind one's cooling electric fan. Once drained replace hose and hose clamp. Also the newer models have a different type of raidator the cap is on a plastic jug or container on the right of your car as your facing the cars belts. Last of all wal-mart sales a radiator flush in their automotive section the directions are on the container. However, the radiator needs to be drained again and than add new coolant. Oh! help tip always use the green coolant the brown and pink shit can rust your coolant system and gunk up the system and cause over heating and other problems. If you have any other questions please ask.
Most people don't flush their own coolant systems. People who don't know the procedure or where the plug is probably should just bring their cares to the shop.