coolant change on 2002 Cadillac DeVille DTS

i was always told that a flush is not needed but just a change, correct?

by in Port Orchard, WA on June 02, 2010
1 answer
ANSWER by on June 02, 2010
i disagree. debris will collect from the coolant and component deteriations. flushing is a good service to ensure proper operation. Roy
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The water pump and/or the plastic side tanks on the radiator may leak causing a loss of coolant. The engine may overheat due to coolant loss. Continued coolant loss after external leaks have been r...
Coolant is muddy looking
coolant tank, sparkplugs, we also brought this seal that said it would garruntee to seal any cracks or holes it is still over heating but it just takes longer to do it.
tells me coolant level low engine hot ac off change oil. still starts just have to keep adding water
I have a 20020 DTS and it overheated on me one time. I was told my thermostat was going bad...note the coolant level is good. I changed my thermostat but it still got up there not over heating bu...

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