Cadillac Catera Problem Report

Cadillac Catera Coolant and Oil Leaks

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The Catera often experiences oil leaks from the oil cooler and/or valve cover gasket. The thermostat seal and/or the water pump may develop a coolant leak.

my car has oil in coolant reservoir but does not misfire, just took it to the mechanic to check it out. -
All at one time radiator cracked on upper drivers side,replaced with new one,oil cooler leaking and replaced with new one,heater control valve was leaking and replaced with new one,thermostat stuck shut had to replace.replaced intake gaskets etc.Now the car runs rough engine shakes and wont idle correctly.any ideas,, if you have any answers to my new problem..Also went for oil change a year ago once they lifted the car on the rack we heard sounds of something hitting the concrete,both back springs had busted and fell out so i replaced them.replaced relay that controls the radio..replace both front tie rod stabilizers.i think thats what they are called,but they are bad again after a had 4 wheel alignment and still goes thru tires fast so i have replaced all 4 of them twice in the last 3 years.. what a money pit..i think Cadillac needs to pay us to keep these cars up and running since it is their car that has so many issues.. -
Oil comes into coolant reservoir -
replace heater bypass vale leaking antifreeze, replace head casket leaking oil, replace oxygen sensor bank 1...yes it happen to me too.. -
bought the car , week later, engine light came on, replaced oil cooler and antifreeze still mixed with motor, currently replacing heAD GASKETS/ what a money pit -
oil in water coolant reservoir. -
oil light comes on when hot out. coolent light is always on even when its full! -
smoke coming from both sides of the hood when car was warm.. i had the cover gaskets and oil cooler replaced for $1600... -
oil leak's it seem that it's not circlulating cause I see a pluddle of oil inside the engine via the spark plug. then it shutting down -
Valve gasket needs to be replaced, leaking oil. Replaced the radiator at 100k miles becuase of leakage. -
Oil in the coolant. Diagnosed as oil cooler leaking by Cadillac dealership. Quoted over $3,800 to fix it. Want to replace all hoses, radiator and oil cooler, plus flush everything. -
oil leak when the car is park -
haven't fixed yet.need to change oil cooler shop est. $1200.00 -
oil leak at end of canister oil leak end of oil canister -
car starts but then dies -
coolant leak -
Leaking Valve covers -
oil leak in 2 spots and car over heating. -
oil leaks from valve covers after replacing them a year ago. Coolant leaks from the left side head gasket. It has leaked coolant from water pump and thermostat housing. -
I bought the car with under 62,000 miles, the owner said it had a small oil leak. I should have brought it to my Mechanic before I bought it. It's a money pit. The engine was real clean, The Stereo (Bose) didn't work only when you shut the car off. I only bought it for $2250.00 I put $900.00, They couldn't find the problem with the radio, the dashboard light is only half on. Then I finally get my bill down and the radiator exploded. $1500.00 job, They had to replace the valves, and when they did they found the short and fixed the Stereo. Car drives like cream puff! So, about two weeks ago I start smelling that burning smell again. So I bring it in, and the car is leaking oil now really bad. I said can I bring it back Monday, they said you can drive the car. I drove the car for 10 minutes, I went to drive it the next day to my daughters so I could borrow her car and the car started shaking and the check engine light came on. I drove the car one mile to my daughters then I had it towed to my Mechanic. The owner is the only one that looked at it, and then left. So I don't know whats going on. I'm freaking out. This car is killing me. -
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