coolant on 2005 Chrysler Sebring

in the earlier 2.7 liter engines when the water pump would leak it would end up in the engines oil, ruining the engine, did chrysler fix this problem for the 2005 sebring 2.7 engine

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The 2.7L engine water pump has (2) weep passages which prevent coolant from entering the engine. If the shaft seal is leaking, this will be evident by traces of thick deposits of dried glycol running down from the pump primary weep passage. A thin black stain below the pump primary weep hole/passage is considered normal operation. Coolant leaks: If the pump primary weep passage is plugged, coolant may come from the secondary weep passage and collect in the valley of the engine. The coolant will eventually run out the back side of the engine. Leakage from the secondary weep passage may give false indications that core plug(s) may be leaking on the back side of the engine block. If this condition is found, clean the primary weep passage of debris. It is normal for the water pump to weep a small amount of coolant from the primary weep hole (black stain at weep passage). Do not replace the water pump if this condition exists. Replace the water pump if a heavy deposit or a steady flow of engine coolant is evident from the primary weep passage. This indicates a shaft seal failure and pump must be replaced.