coolant on 2001 BMW 740i

I recently had to replace the water hose on my BMW 740i and since then I have had to add coolant daily. Is this normal?

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No, once the coolant level is good you should never have to add water. However you may have to add water once or twice if there was an air pocket in the cooling system, but no more than that. If it continues, look for a leak. If you don't see a leak, have the engine checked for a blown headgasket.
If there is a blown headgasket this will be pricey to fix....correct?
Yes, quite expensive. You can get an idea of how much by using the RepairPrice Estimator:
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You better check the water pump or you vally pan gasket if you have any leak. you will see the leak at back of the engine on the floor or you head gasket is not good