1994 Mazda B3000 Q&A

1994 Mazda B3000 Question: cool engine coolant

to lawrenceg/ leaking radiator/ thermostat,why not? also low cab heat -
Answer 1
Did you have any of these issues before replacing the radiator and thermostat? If not, what was the reason for changing them? -
Comment 1
leaking radiator.thermostat was an after thought/ also low cab heat -
Comment 2
So you removed your original question, but I think you were saying that the heater is not getting hot. I believe this vehicle has a heater valve, make sure it is working properly and check that the heater core is not plugged. -
Answer 2
My 94 B3000 had a broken hot/cold Switch, pretty much a wire broke off and would'nt switch from hot to cold till i Glued it back on. pretty easy to tell if its broke just compare how hard it is to Pull the other lever to the hot / cold lever. if it feels loose it might be your problem. -
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