Convertible Top! on 1997 Audi Cabriolet

My top was working fine and now it stopped. The light on the dash flashes when I try to open it but nothing happens. Can I open it manually. What could be the cause of this?

To open manually, turn on car, put in park, put parking brake on, push top down button, twist handle to release at front -all as normal. Then push top up about a few inches to a foot, get out of car, pull rear window up a few inches note the small panel door on each side of roof deck, open them, look inside and find a gold colored latch lever, release it on both sides, raise rear of top enough to lift the back deck, push top into storage area, pack tightly, close deck, make sure the gold colored latches on each side (under the little trap doors) are closed. Reverse to raise.
Easier if you have an assistant.
Excellent answer! I have a 1997 Cabriolet where only one of the gold latches seems to work. The one on the passenger side moves freely up and back into locked position... but nothing releases. I can't get the hatch up in order to store the top, therefor I don't really have a convertible! Any help is appreciated. Thsnks