Converter on 2002 Ford Escape

02 escape 6cyc 2wheel Dr egr keeps blowing a hole in it they say its they BAck converter by back they mean behind engine or very back

by in Indianapolis, IN on October 17, 2011
1 answer
ANSWER by on October 17, 2011
We would need more information. A catalytic converter should not repeatedly fail unless the problem that initially caused the converter to fail in the first place was not addressed. Have the system properly diagnosed and repaired prior to just putting another converter on the car.
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...e replaced and it did it again with in 30 miles. The shop told me it was because the Catalytic Converters were clogged and it would cost $3,000 is this true/ Will they cause the computer to burn out... blowing out 2 EGR valves and following recommendations that it was a plugged Cat (Catalytic Converter) I finally after much ado got the Cat right behind the flex pipe off and a bunch of gray matte...
$900 to replace supposed plugged glowing red barley running cat.Ran good for two days.Back to same with loud air sound.Shop has had car for a week and can't figure it out.Thanks
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