2001 Volkswagen Cabrio Q&A

2001 Volkswagen Cabrio Question: Convertable Top Boot Cover

Does anyone have know where I can find a used boot cover for an 01 Cabrio? -
Answer 1
Tough one. Salvage yards or eBay. You may really luck out on a fan forum for your car. -
Answer 2
I have one for sale (Beige) 1995 to 2000 Cabrio. Might fit 2001, check with your local VW dealer. $70.00 plus S&H, if interested 786-468-8551 -
Answer 3
I have one from my now deceased 2001 Cabrio. It was stored in my parents' finished basement beacause I never would bother to use it on the car. Excellent condition. Let me know if you're interested. kimberwitch@aol.com -
Answer 4
I found mine on craigslist but ebay is pretty good as well. I got mine off craigslist for about 140 new. You could also try ecstuning.com which has great parts with very good prices. Good luck. -
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Does anyone know where i can find a convertible boot cover for a 2001 Cabrio? Is there another name for them?