1990 Chrysler LeBaron Q&A

1990 Chrysler LeBaron Question: convertable top

how do i put the top down on my Lebron? -
Answer 1
the button is on the left side by the light switch -
Answer 2
On my 1991 the switch is on the console -
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The convertible top rear window may break for no apparent reason when the folding top is lowered. Our technicians tell us that modifying the headliner and adding a rubber shim to the folding top li...
The convertible top may develop a flutter noise at freeway speeds. Most commonly the repair will involve installing foam tape to both sides of the convertible top under the side cable pockets.
I was able o get the top down and now the top won'[t come back up. I cannot even hear the motor. It does nothing. I cannot afford a new motor. Can I spray silicon on it to get it back up? What...
top will go down wont come up
I have a 1991 Chrysler LeBaron Convertible which smokes bad all the time otherwise runs nice. Any ideas as to what is causing this? Thank you