Control panel issues; cause and what does it cost to replace? on 2006 Mercedes-Benz E320 CDI

The car had a rear end collision and the battery was replaced. Exhaust was messed up too. Now the control panel only comes on about half the time when I start the car; I'm told that this is the normal power conservation mode when the battery is dying, but that is new. Then they told me it was the ignition and they replaced that for $1300 and it did not fix the problem. I read here about control panels needed to be replaced. Could that have been caused by the accident and what would that cost?

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if you had repairs done thru your ins. co call them and complain about all the added exp. let them deal with the shop if these were all issues after the accident
The Insurance company is involved. I'm wondering when we get to the point of deciding that the car can't be repaired and what happens to the value at that point given the 10000 that has already been paid for repairs. Car looks nice; it doesn't run right.
Which Control Panel are you referring to?
The dash panel - speedometer, gas, temperature and radio/nav system. I heard that if you start having trouble with the control panel not functioning when you start the car, you probably need to replace it.

The Insurance company is involved. The car has been through about $1500 of repairs that are ineffective after 9000 or so in body work. I'm wondering whether they are considering totalling the car and what happens now that all this expence is incurred? How much would replacing the control panel cost?
need to check for sure but defenately over a $1000