Control Modules on 1998 Audi A6 Quattro

My ABS module needs replacing, is this something I can do myself. Also my blower motor for my heater and A/C work some of the time, the heat comes out of the vents, but no fan. Then for no reason, it comes on. I did have a window leak and I am wondering if the module that controls this is damaged. I took it to an Audi expert who did a diagnostics and told me I need to replace my control head and it would cost $2000.00 Where are the control modules located for this vehicle? Are they on the floorboad and can I access them to check them out? Thank you

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get a rebuilt abs module from their site even has some tips to follow. if the blower comes on when you hit bumps or make turns, replace the blower motor. if water got in your car the first problems would be with your door locks or transmission module. i have NEVER replaced a control head for blower problems.