Control Arms on 2004 Audi A6 Quattro

I have been told I need to replace ALL the control Arms for $1600 - there is no uneven tire wear / pulling to one side - not riding smoothly

by in Hood River, OR on October 19, 2010
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ANSWER by on October 19, 2010
Unfortunately the Audi's suspension is a poor design and very poor quality. We do replace many of them. I'd say you are lucky if it lasted 6 years. Looks like your mechanic noticed the problem at the beginning and other expensive parts - like rack and pinion - could be saved. Zee
COMMENT by on October 20, 2010
Thank You! Is the - Seems like $1600 is a bit high - No? c
COMMENT by on October 20, 2010
Well, kind of expensive for the crap quality. There are 8 pcs all together, 2 upper and 2 lower on both sides, some of them are over $ 200/ each and there is labor also. Unfortunately this is the correct price for the OE parts. There are cheap aftermarket parts, but the quality is extremely bad, isn't worth the difference. Zee
COMMENT by on October 20, 2010
Thank you so much for your replies - much appreciated!
COMMENT by on October 20, 2010
You are welcome! I'm glad if I could help. Please visit if you have any question abou your vehicle. We will do our best to help you. Zee
ANSWER by on October 19, 2010
Zee is right! You usually hear the suspension rattle going over rough ground, poor parts quality/design by Audi.
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