Control arm bushings on 2000 Dodge Neon

I just had a wheel alignment done and it seems that I have neg. camber on the front wheels . I didn't have a chance to ask the mechanic what the cause was ,but the only parts I think might be bad in my front end would be the control arm bushings as the rear ones look worn ,but not horribly . He did state that the rear spindle is bent ,but thats a direct replacement item . Help anyone with advice !!

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Front and rear camber and caster settings on this vehicle are determined at the time the vehicle is designed, by the location of the vehicle's suspension components. This is referred to as Net Build. The result is no required adjustment of camber and caster after the vehicle is built or when servicing the suspension components. Thus, when performing a wheel alignment, caster and camber are not normally considered adjustable angles. Camber and caster should be checked to ensure they meet vehicle specifications.
If either front or rear camber is found not to meet alignment specifications, it can be adjusted using an available camber adjustment bolt package. Before installing a camber adjustment bolt package on a vehicle found to be outside the specifications, inspect the suspension components for any signs of damage or bending.
No adjustment can be made to the caster setting on this vehicle. If the vehicle's caster is not within alignment specifications, check for damaged suspension components or body parts.