control arm bushings on 2004 Volvo XC70

My 2004 XC70, mileage 52,000, runs flawlessly. The Volvo dealer serviceman recommended replacement of control arm bushings, costing approximately $800. Since the dealer has previously recommended services prior to manufacturer's recommended intervals, how can I know if it is prudent to perform this service? Is it important that a Volvo dealer perfom the service?

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You can take the car to your local alignment shop and have them check the front end. Lower control arm bushings are known to go on those volvos. There are 2 different control arm designes that volvo uses, I can't recall wich is yours but some you need to replace the control arm instead of just the bushing. You can bring the car wherever you want to get it repaired. An indication of worn bushings is when your traveling ina parkinglot "very low speed" and stomp on the brake and the steering wheel should shift to one side and may notice a "clunk noise from font end". Good Luck and questions write back
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In no way should replacement cost $800. If your car handles well, stays is a realitive straight with your hands off the wheel on a level highway, tires show no unusual wear, it does not pull to the right or left when driving, I would not worry; however, if you are concerned, take it to a tire dealer's shop, and tell them what Volvo Serviceman said and ask for a check. Cost should be very reasonabe, less then $65 if relignment is needed. If,in fact, there is a problem with control arms, they could replace them for a fraction of what Volvo serviceman quotes. It cost my wife close to $200 for oil and filter change at the Volvo dealers shop using synthetic oil. The next time I did it myself for about $40.
wife close to $200 for an oil and filter change using synthetic oil. The next time , I did it forless than $40.