continuously blow 7.5 amp fuse on alternator sensor exciter I think its called on 1997 Honda Civic

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7.5 amp fuse blows,it also controls the operation of speedo/cruise control.when you turn switch on this fuse inputs a boost to activate the alternator. (I'm told!)shut car off fuse is blown everytime!! dead short but where would you suggest to look next.thanks in advance Jack
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There is a bracket that supports the underside of the intake manifold that the wiring harness abrades on. If that isn't damaged and grounding, then the ELD is suspect and you'll need a technicians help to prove that and to replace it. (The fuse block has to be disassembled to install a new one)
Thanks John! this will be a mind/time savor!people as yourself puts confidence into the auto repair service centers.I was fortunate to be a Standard Oil dealer 60/70's. this internet sure would of been handy (EXCEPT)
we wouldn't of been able to test drive the Mussel cars as we did.when I bought my 1st Sun tune up Machine Customers thought man what a genius it takes to understand all those meters. YA RIGHT!
thanks again
Jack Andringa