continued from prev problem = thanks to pushrod , i checked all fuel injectors on 1993 Ford Probe

with a noid light check. cyls 1,2,3 all flash with eng cranking = normal oper. at cyl 4 the problem cly , the noid lights stays on
and does not flash . checked the connector and wires to fuel
injector at cyl 4 = ok . it it ther pcm that is the cause for the incorrect injector pulse at cyl 4?

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Let me know what you find out!
Hello There,
finially fixed my car. Problem was in the eng wiring harness. found a spot in the harness that rubbed through
on a bracket. the wire to the inj at cyl 4 was grounding there and the inj stayed open spraying fuel constantly into cyl 4 . I repaired the harness and the car ran fine till it got really warm . then the same issue . I think the wiring got damaged internally due to overheating. I replaced the whole harness . car is running perfect now. Just wanted to say thanks especially to pushrod for sending me down the right track . You guys are awsome !!!!!
Way to go Pushrod
Professor G ,
You did well as well .
You were right with the damaged wiring harness .
Thank-you to all of you
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could be driver in ecm is bad
IT IS STAYING GROUNDED. CHECK INJECTOR WIRING BACK TO COMPUTER FOR SHORT, BAD WIRE, PINCHED, ETC, BEFORE CONDEMING ECM. Just to add incase, the ECM/PCM supplies the ground signal to activate the injector, if the noid light is always on then the wire has a ground.
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