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1997 Toyota Tercel Question: Continious Starter Problems, what to do?

I have only had my car a year and since that time I have put 4 starters in it. Each time the starter just burns up within 3 to 6 months. I isn't the ignition switch, and we have taken it in to mechanics but are unable to find the problem. -
Answer 1
possible shim problem -
Answer 2
Check for corrosion IN positive cable to starter. Check all grounds for same. When you say the starter 'burns up' is it the motor or solenoid that's failing? Is the starter a 'lifetime' starter from Advance Auto Parts? -
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I guess to be more accurate I will say this. The first 3 times the starter would keep firing once the car had already started until I disconected the battery. It would do this each time I would start it until I replaced it. The mechanics I have talked to have said that the starters are just faulty. I get mine through O'riley's Auto. This last time the starter just refuses to start when the car is warm. When I start it in the morning it has trouble starting like the starter is going out but if I run it for awhile and turn it off and try to turn it back on then it won't even acknowledge that I am trying to start it until the engine cools down. -
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..............never mind......... -
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could it be the map sensor. -