contaminated brake fluid on 2000 Dodge Durango

My brake fluid is contaminated and some distributor needs to be replaced (cant remember name). Dealer says all rubber brake parts need to be replaced. It will be a minimum of $1500.oo just for parts. Can I get this done cheaper? I do nto have a warranty.

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I agree with Matt. If the brake fluid is contaminated what is it contaminated with? Has someone put some other fluid in the resivour , engine oil, power steering fluid? If the system has an incompatible fluid it could destroy the ABS components as well. I may want a second opinion and would even after repairs get the fluid changed again in six months to ensure all the contaminants are removed from the hydraulic system.
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Contaminated brake fluid will result in most of the brake components being ruined, including the hoses and also the brake master cylinder.

$1,500 does not sound unlikely or unfair, but if you are uncomfortable, the best course of action is to get a second opinion.