constant missing, running rich, gas comes out of the exhaust, on 1996 Chevrolet Tahoe

Our tahoe started with a simple miss when it was in idle. then it started missing while you drive. if you stop the tahoe gas comes out of the exhaust, and it runs rich. The computer shows multiple misfire. Changed plugs and wires and distributor cap and button, problem continues. You have to hold the gas pedal down to start it too. On another note the ABS pushes the brake pedal back up on you. Had to pull the ABS fuse to stop that. Also the daytime running lights won't come on anymore and I can't find nothing in the book about them. Ohh yeah, our tahoe has SS on it everywhere, inside and out. Is there a Super Sport in the Tahoe?

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To address your questions:

The fuel control issue - perhaps you have an injector sticking open causing it to dump fuel and foul out a cylinder (or two, or three...). This would account for your rich running and misfire. Still, it's a guess; check your oil - see if there is any fuel in it or has fuel odor; pull plugs and check for fuel on them.

The ABS - you have a sensor issue - the sensor or sensor indicator ring at one of the wheels is faulty. A diagnostic tool can monitor individual wheel speed so that you can see which sensor is faulty.

The daytime running lights - the parking brake can turn the DRL's off - if the module is seeing the parking brake on for some reason, it may be keeping the system off. There is a control module and a relay that need inspected.
Thank you for your quick reply. I will definately check those things out tomorrow.