console light re convertible top on 2002 Mercedes-Benz CLK55 AMG

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First of all thank you for your time. Currently own a 2002 CLK55 and am having issues with the convertible top light on console-the light stays on at all times. The top appears to open and close without problems, but when the top is up, I am unable to open the trunk..if the top is down, there is no problem with the trunk. The mechanic replaced the rear window stop lock thinking that was the problem, it was not. If the top is opened and closed several times, the light may finally go out and the trunk will open, but the next time the car is started, the same problem exists.
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There is going to be a switch that triggers this light. When the top is completely closed, the switch sends a signal to control module to turn off the light and allow the trunk to open. If the switch is malfunctioning, the control module doesn't allow the trunk to open. You will need to have the switch checked, it may need calibrating or replacement.