2004 Lincoln LS Q&A

2004 Lincoln LS Question: considering getting a used engine installed ..good idea??

im told it has 33,000 miles on it . how can i be sure of mileage, do engines have serial numbers ? Im told they have vin number from car it came from . want to make sure vin matchs the engine. How? -
Answer 1
A used engine is just that a used engine. The engines have to be an identical match or installation can be a nightmare. There is an engine number, call you Ford dealership and tell them you need to order parts and need to know where the engine number is. Before "buying" this engine I would want to remove both valve covers and inspect to see if the engine is clean inside (regular oil changes). I may even remove the oil pan to inspect. Its about a 13 to 16 hour job to replace the engine depending on which of two engines you have. -