Confusion on Odometer reading from 1st dealer to the 3rd dealer on Toyota Sienna on 2003 Toyota Sienna

I bought Toyota Sienna 2003 XLE which was transferred from 1st dealer to 3rd dealer then the 3rd dealer claimed the current odometer is reading 100,420 mileage which actually display on the dashboard unfortunately I was searching for something else 2 weeks later after the car was bought. I found 2 reassignment dealer titles stated that odometer are 184,787 and 185,126 mileage with the same VIN number written on the documents respectively from the 1st and 2nd dealers. Can someone tell me if odometer was rollback or what?

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Check with DMV. Maybe just a typo. but they can tell you! Where was it sold originally as each time a reasignment of title is done it is recorded at DMV with current mileage. They will be very glad to check this out for you! Also mileage is recorded on the annual vehicle safety/emissions inspections, if in PA. or other state(s) with this program. Many ways to find out. (See next answer!)
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Sure sounds like its been rolled back. Another thing you can do is get a CARFAX report. I can check its service history with the vin # for you. Service reports show mileage at service visits if the servicing shop is contected to carfax.