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1999 Isuzu Rodeo Question: confused / check engine

1999 V6 4X4 rodeo with 150,000 miles , never had any trouble until now , low fuel pressure ( lean ) O2 sensors . had fuel pump replaced , Twice ( 35 lbs pressure at idle . O2 sensors replaced . still shows , lean , O2 sensor ( check engine still on ) $1200.00 later . any suggestions on how to fix ? at idle the regulated fuel pressur is 35 , pull the vacume line off the regulator and the pressure increases to 48 - 52 . and the shop I had do the work , pulled the codes , I don't think they have the full diagnostic equip . / they pulled a code of lean / low fuel pressure , changed the pump , same code , changed it again , then O2 sensors , looked for vacume leaks . and give it back , and are stumped -
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171,174 codes could be vacuum leaks, mass air flow reading incorrectly, pcv vale or low fuel pressure. did you have a real diag or just a code pull with a guess?? i would have a shop ok at it to confirm. as far as the low pressure, did you have the regulator checked?? Thanks for using repairpal. Roy -
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you need a new shop. there is no code for low fuel pressure. o2 sensors were not the problem at all. i think they missed the boat with this issue. use the driectory tab at the top to find a shop in your area. you need this checked properly with a shop that will diag it properly and give you an accurate bid for repairs that will fix your car. Roy -
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