Poor Shift Quailty of Automatic Transmission on Hyundai Santa Fe

Prior to replacing the automatic transmission fluid (to improve shift quality), make sure that the transmission fluid level is correct. Also, make sure the computer that controls the transmission has the most up-to-date adaptive programming information. When servicing these transmissions be sure to use fluid approved by Hyundai.

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Average mileage: 105,710 (8,000–200,000)
Drive Trains affected: 2WD, 4WD, Automatic Transmission
13 model years affected: 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, more2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013
59 people reported this problem
38 people shared problem details
2004 Hyundai Santa Fe- 4WD104,000
The Vehicle Shutters from 2nd to 3rd gear. The computer is not showing any codes. The dealer has Flashed the computer system and this has not corrected it. It only occurs when the engine is cold and after it warms up it goes away and shifts smoothly. I had it to a trans repair and he states it's not the trans. It's also been newly tuned up. No one knows what's worng or how to fix this.
My 2011 Santa Fe hesitates and "jerks" like it can't decide on the right gear to be in when accelerating from a stop. The Hyundai dealer had it in the shop for 1.5 weeks and replaced the transmission, reset the computer code, and put in a new axle. Picked it up last night and it's still doing the jerking thing.
2004 Hyundai Santa Fe- 2WD130,000
Intermediate jumping and hesitation from reverse to drive and between 1st and 2nd gears. Have read that it is a transmission control module software problem and needs to be upgraded. Is not fixed as of yet.
2009 Hyundai Santa Fe- 2WD17,400
Harsh shift between 2nd and 3rd. Usually happens on longer trips When things have heated up good. Next morning, shifts perfect!
3rd gear takes a long time to shift to 4th
2004 Hyundai Santa Fe- 4WD128,000
The car was just entering the highway and jerked three times before slipping into third gear(60mph). After that it was driven all day with no other problems.
2007 Hyundai Santa Fe- Automatic Transmission35,000
initially hesitates when going from stop to go (stop signs, red lights etc)
2004 Hyundai Santa Fe- 2WD150,000
My Santa Fe is great except for the transmission stutter when you first start it up and put it in Drive. Regardless of cold start or warm ....as you pull out the vehicle will act like its slipping & there is jerking for the first few moments until it goes into 2nd gear and then all is well ! This does not occur again until you shut the vehicle off & then start again.......Fluid level & condition is good but this has been there since I bought it used. The only way to not have it slip, is to very slowly pullout from a start & ease down the road for about 50 to 100 yds. barely above idle until it shifts into 2nd,
2005 Hyundai Santa Fe- 4WD145,000
Car slightly jerking in accelaration
Transmission failed after 24,000kms. Dealer replaced under warranty. At 40,000kms (25,000 miles) I am having to replace the transmission again. The vehicle is 3 months out of warranty, but the replacement transmission only has 16,000kms (10,000 miles). Hyundai replacing part under goodwill, but making me pay labour - $1,000. Obviously they have an issue with the transmission in that year as I know of 4 other people who have had them replaced at low mileage.
2010 Hyundai Santa Fe- 2WD87,800
Shifts into Drive very roughly.
sometimes have to pull over shut the truck off to get it to start shifting again
2007 Hyundai Santa Fe- Automatic Transmission200,000
tran slips when shifting
2010 Hyundai Santa Fe- 2WD57,200
My santa fe 2010 im having trouble with shifting from 2nd to 3rd and 4 gear like if is slipping if I press the gas a lil hard the rpm goes like from 2500 to 4500 but without going any faster... calling my local dealer in the mornin
2013 Hyundai Santa Fe- 4WD41,000
Rough shifting from 1st to 2nd, 2nd to 3rd and 3rd to 4th gear when engine is cold, but does not happen every time. Frequency of problem has increased during past month. No codes and dealer has been unable to replicate the problem though I've left it there for two days.
2001 Hyundai Santa Fe- 2WD200,000
If it stays under 50 for too long it slips when shifting into 3 n check engine light goes on was told it was the transmission control modulator
2004 Hyundai Santa Fe- 4WD100,000
When cold, during initial acceleration, it bucks and hesitates between first and second, then will not do it again until cold. Runs/shifts fine when hot.
2005 Hyundai Santa Fe- 4WD153,000
Hard shift into 2nd gear
2003 Hyundai Santa Fe- 2WD152,000
Had the car for about 4 months now and it just started kicking a little when shifting from 3 to 4 about a week ago. Not all the time, just here and there. Now it hesitates to go into 5. Downshifting isn't a problem.
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