condensation from a/c under car mat on 1993 Toyota Corolla

after putting on a/c in car about 30 mins

by in Miami, FL on September 22, 2010
3 answers
ANSWER by on September 22, 2010
There is a small diameter hose under the dash on the passenger side (above the carpet level below the glove box) that goes the passenger compartment to the engine compartment, it allows condensation caused by air conditioning operation to exit from behind the dash through that drain tube and exit the through the engine compartment where the condensation/water then drips on the road surface.. The hose removes condensation created by the air conditioning system that is working efficiently so that water/moisture does not remain in the heating/air conditioning unit behind the dash otherwise the stagnant water would become stall and cause an odor. The hose frequently gets knocked of by accident by a passenger's foot. Open the passenger door and look for the hose, reattach it to the little spigot on the foot well area and the water will then exit into the engine compartment where it will harmlessly drop on the ground outside.
ANSWER by on September 27, 2010
You have to take it in and have drain hose unclogged
ANSWER by on January 02, 2011
ac drain lines are stopped up
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