computer on 2005 Volvo S40

My 05 s-40 had problems in the very beginning with the radio and each time they would do a software upgrade. Years later small little problems have occurred such as the temp. gage not accurate the seat sensor not reading someone seating. Now the car just wont turn on took it to a mechanic he said it's the computer. Does anyone know how much the normally runs to fix?

by in Whittier, CA on January 26, 2011
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ANSWER by on January 26, 2011
What is wrong with the computer? That is way too vague. These Volvos had some problems with the coolant temp sensors and gauges, but there is an update kit that was really not a big deal. The fact that this car does not start could be so many things, I would get a much more informed opinion. It could be a crank sensor, which is only $100. A computer is several hundred, why guess? Unless you have unlimited money to spend.
COMMENT by on January 27, 2011
The computer in this car very rarely has a problem. dandd is correct in that it could really be almost anything. You need to bring the car to someone that is a Volvo specialist and knows these cars, so that you can get a second opinion with a more specific answer.
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