Sagging Suspension Due to Air Leaks on Lincoln Town Car

Sagging suspension can be a result of air suspension struts and/or drier leaking air. These type of air leaks can lead to failure of the air suspension compressor.

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Average mileage: 137,102 (10,000–330,545)
21 model years affected: 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, more1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010
109 people reported this problem
52 people shared problem details
Car back end sags to the ground overnight. Now won't reinflate even when running.
The ais suspension light is on, the rear is sagging, and I can't afford a big repair.
back end of car almost sitting on pavement. Visited dealer and it was fixed
2001 Lincoln Town Car146,000
Suspension Compressor runs constantly when the car is started, rear end deflates when the car is turned off.
2004 Lincoln Town Car100,000
I was driving my 04 and all of a sudden it went to the ground my rear end wtf.
My car go down when it's off. When i crank my car up it lifts up.
1997 Lincoln Town Car226,985
Passanger side goes down when parked and air compressor runs all the time.
1993 Lincoln Town Car180,000
my air bags were cracking and leaking air so i replaced them with coil springs..
pump ran all the time ,now it doesn'nt
2001 Lincoln Town Car126,000
Are suspension light comes on and sagging in back
Air leaking from bags - told it was $1000 to replace, lots of other problems other people have posted as well including: water on floorboard (rear passenger) when it rains, check engine light keeps coming on due to gas cap (even after having it replaced at the dealer), I take manifold leaking (we had the same problem with our 1996 town car), electrical issues - power windows and seats randomly work.
@ 130k miles, every morning the driver side rear was sitting low. Starting car fixed it. 3k miles later, dash light "Check Air Suspension" would be on at start, until car was level. Leaky air bag. Lincoln estimate was $900 for repair, $700 for replace with springs. Caught it early, the compressor did not need replacing. Bought air bags & dryer rebuild kit on eBay. Works great. I recommend a new dryer, the rebuild kit takes too much time. Still need new shocks.
retrofitted with regular struts
1999 Lincoln Town Car120,000
THe rear end is sagging I did the water and soap test I was able to find a really really small amount of bubbles , not sure if that is the problem , or the compressor . - note the air bags are both after market , and now one of them is only leaking with a tiny amount of bubbles . Thank you guys hope you could help
2007 Lincoln Town Car330,545
My car seems to be leaning more towards the right side. Just not sitting level, had a mechanic look at the sruts & he said that they're fine
2009 Lincoln Town Car300,000
the compressor start at little every 5 minutes
2001 Lincoln Town Car202,000
Car sagging to the ground in the back and won't raise even when started
Mechanics kept replacing a fuse in the Air Suspension system but it would just short out again after a couple of weeks. My boyfriend eventually paid to have it converted to an ordinary stationary suspension system against my wishes. He was afraid I was going to scrape a hole in the underside of the car somewhere. The car still has less than 100k miles on it.
Rear end of car is sagging to the ground and won't air up any more.
2004 Lincoln Town Car107,000
Leak where dryer meets air compressor
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