Compressor cluch on 1997 Volkswagen GTI

I must have a bad bearing on the a/c compressor clutch. really loud with out load, when I turn on the a/c the noise goes away. With out load pully on a/c unit wobbles and it is spitting out metalic dust. Can you just replace the clutch on the AC unit. DO you have directions and do you neeed special puller tools?

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Here is a picture of the compressor and clutch. Looks like the clutch is available separately, but the price is the same, so it would be best to replace the entire compressor, which is what I normally do anyway. For all the time, effort and cost, it isn't worth it to replace just the clutch. If you look around you may find an inexpensive clutch, but otherwise I would replace the compressor.
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replacing the whole compressor may cost more in labor. i expect you refrigerant was full (no leaks, a/c cold?) so it should be recycled and reused. don't pay for refrigerant (freon, suva, etc). a new vw compressor comes completely filled with full system capacity of oil! it must be measured and adjusted to match what came out of the old compressor if you decide to replace the whole compressor.