Compliance Bushing Risk at 100,000 miles on 2003 Honda Accord

Purely interms of both safety and risk of significantly more costly repair in the future, what's the best way to evaluate when to replace front compliance bushings on this model? My Honda Service dealer recomends it saying "found compliance bushing torn." My dad worked at General Motors Assembly Plant here for years as a senior engineer so I have a small clue, but thought I'd ask. I'm a bit strapped for cash, but could have this done for about $400 total. Can it wait a year? What could it cause if waiting too long? What safety risks if the worst likely thing happened?

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I don't have experience with this vehicle to know the answer exactly, but as a general rule, when a shop recommend a repair and they use a term like "torn", "worn", "bad" etc., ask them on a scale of 1-5 what the severity of the wear is.
It's a common practice to inform a customer when the part is starting to show signs of wear, but some bushings can have visible small cracks and tears but still have complete functionality and may not need replacement for 10-20,000 miles.
So ask them how long it will last and if it is affecting performance.
Scale 1=New 5=Needs replacement now.