Completing a Drive Cycle on 2001 Ford Escape

I have a 2001 Ford Escape. I recently replaced the battery and alternator and now have to complete a drive cycle before it can pass emissions. After driving 300 miles, it still will not pass the Evaporative Emission and Catalytic Converter tests.

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As you have found out, sometimes It can sometimes be tricky to get all the monitors to run. Here are a few tricks that may help. With the fuel level about 1/2, start the engine from cold, drive around town a few blocks and then enter the freeway. drive at a steady speed of 55mph for 4-5 miles, speed up to 65 for about 4-5 miles and then back down to 55. After exiting the freeway find a safe place to stop and let the warm engine idle for a minute in gear with your foot on the brake. If you still cannot get the monitors to run after trying the above check the powertrain control module for pending fault codes. Any codes should be diagnosed and repaired. If the monitors still will not run there is something called "mode 6" data which looks deeper into the computer diagnostic systems and may be of help in determining why some of the monitors will not run.
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i have the same exact problem. Except I drove it over a thousand miles and still it didn't reset. My mechanic then did another reset and it's only been about a week (couple hundred miles).

Did you ever get this resolved? If so, how? I need to get my car re-inspected before the end of the month.