column trans shift very sloppy on 1994 Ford F-350

After taking the steering wheel off to diagnose the problem I noticed when moving the shifter that the prndl indicator moves in sync but the bottom of the shaft where the cable attaches does not move until approx 45 degrees of movement.It is not the bracket at the bottom with the torx screws but appears to be in the shaft between the prndl indicator cable and the bracket that the shift cable attaches to.Inexplicable! Any ideas? Thanks, Howard

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Shifting Tube
Ford part # 1F1Z-7212-AA

Dorman Steering Column Tube
Part No. 905-100

The #s on mine are F3DC-7215 AA

I found the part at|GRPTRANAMS_587181032___

They can get it in one day $29.00

Napa has it cheaper but takes more days to get it

Now this is how you fix it !!
1. Remove the 2 tork screws holding the knee panel below the steering column (one is behind the fuse cover) lift slightly and pull back.
2. Disconnect the battery negative is all I did .
3. Unscrew the tilt leaver
4. On the column shroud where that 4th hole is put a small diameter punch or whatever in the hole in the ignition switch and turn the key (must have key in) and turn to ON position and the ignition will come out in one piece (set this aside carefully)
5. Remove the 3 Philips screws on the column shroud on the bottom there is one more on the right side that will need to be removed too.
I forgot to add Pull the pin UP that holds the shifting leaver in place. No tool need for this. step 9 may need to be done first!
6. Under the dash (you will need a flash light) you need to find a small string (if you will) attached to the shifting tube remove this ( idid it my fingers so I did not mare it).
7. Remove the 4 ( I used a 14mm) nuts that hold the steering column. let it rest on the seat.
8. on top of the steering column you will see 4 torks screws( I used a 1/4"ratchet with the proper Torks bit) (they are like horse shoe clamps) remove these.
With the same the same tool you will see a bigger Horse shoe like device remove the driver side on all the way and loosen the other side enough to rotate that part .
9. Remove the 2 torks screws from the end (or front side) of the tube. this plate will come off be very careful not to loose the spring that will fall out.
10. With very little efort you can now remove the shifting tube.

Mine broke at the letters AA
I became a member I'm billige
This sight is great !!
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check with your ford dealer for avaiability of the parts. it is called a shift tube. had a hard time finding one about 6 months ago.