Cold Wont Start on 2002 Nissan Sentra

Car wont start below 35. Ruled out fuel line freeze. Will star when coil packs are warmed with torch.What is going on?

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Nissan has a technical service bulletin (TSB) that may be related. The TSB # is NTB02-113. Have a repair shop look at this bulletin and follow the fault tracing info to see if this resolves the cold start issue.
If an applied vehicle has the following symptoms during temperatures below freezing (below 32°F / 0°C):
• Engine cranks but is hard to start
• Engine starts but has “fluctuating”/rough idle (400 – 600 RPM)
• Engine will not maintain idle after starting (doesn’t recover from low idle)
• Engine starts but has a “ringing” noise (throttle valve hits stop)
• Engine will not start at all
Refer to the Service Procedure in the bulletin to resolve this incident, if it should occur.
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