Cold tempertures my car missfires and runs rough, at operating temp its fine on 2001 Ford Taurus

The code that it shows are PO171 bank 1 lean, PO174 bank 2 lean, and several diffent 300 codes that change and is not always the same cylinder.
It is real bad when it is a negative tempertures outside, howerve it seem to be ok when temperatures are in the 20s or higher.
I have change the fuel filter and ran lucus fuel injector cleaner through it and at first it seemed to help but it then turn real cold and the problem came back. I also put a fuel psi gauge on it and it had 56 psi and steady but that was when the temp was in the 20s.
Have you had this problem before? Is it the O2 sensors, fuel regulater or some other part? I just don't want to swap out part I don't need. Thanks

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maybe there is something that occurs when it is too cold
What would make it run rought and missfire when it is cold? I think I fixed the problem, I found a vacume leak. I took some carberator cleaner and spayed around the intake and vacume lines and found the the one of the intake gasket was leaking so I went a head and changed my spark plugs since I had the intake off and put new seals on the intake. I think the seal was so stiff when it got to 0 and below that it let a lot of air in but when the engine warmed up the rubler seal would expand and the car would start runing good. I hope this helps someone eles.