cold starts on 1991 Dodge Caravan

91 caravan with 3.0 starts hard when cold any time the temp get to around 40 it wont start i have replaced the ADS (auto shutdown relay) and when its cold you can not hear the fuelpump activate. but once it gets to like 50 as soon as you turn the key you can hear the fuel pump activate and the van starts right up no problems could it be the SBEC ??

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When it doesn't start, are you getting spark to the cylinders? Are there any fault codes stored?
yes i have fire to the spark plugs
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check the connection plug from the distributor. The dist. sends a signal (hall effect) to the relay. without the signal, you won't start. The temperature affects the old plug. Contraction and expansion. I found my problem by wiggling the connector. Its should be in front of the vehical just a few inchhes out of the distributor.