1992 Mercedes-Benz 300E Q&A

1992 Mercedes-Benz 300E Question: Cold start valve

Problems with starting. Replaced distributor cap, rotor button, spark wires, spark plugs and crank shaft sensor but still having starting problems and car running rough. Suggestions. Thanks -
Answer 1
make sure the o-ring under distributer cap is not worn. check to see if wet inside and any wear on the o-ring. -
Comment 1
Thanks. My mechanic in addition to changing the above parts had to change the idle control valve. No more rough riding and car is starting up and running tops. -
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The cost to have the cold start valve replaced. Hard to start when cold and idles a little ruff.
My parents 300E refuses to start when it's cold out. Looks like the valve isn't opening to let the fuel through to start but only when it's colder outside. Any help would be greatly appreciated.