Cold Start Idle Doesn't Work on 1992 Toyota Celica

My cold start high idle doesn't work, is there a specific sensor for this - the engine temperature guage works fine.

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Your car could have a 1.6 or 2.2 liter engine. The 2.2 have an idle speed control valve mounted on the bottom of the throttle housing. I have seen these "gum up" I have cleaned them with great success. Many people just replace them. If this is the problem the car frequently stalls on initial start up form cold. The 1.6 has an auxillary air valveunder the throttle housing I have seen less problems with these. Perhaps remove the air duct from the throttle housing open the throttle butterfly by hand and clean the throttle housing around the butterfly with Chemtool and a soft tooth brush, reassemble and then check the ignition system .
If you are so inclined remove the air ducting to the throttle housing, with key off remove the elect connection to black IAC motor. There are two philips screws securing the black part of the IAC motor remove these screws turn the spindle that is now exposed by hand does it move freely? If not clean the valve by spraying Chemtool down the exposed hole in the throttle housing or drain the cooling system a little and remove the IAC completely to clean and inspect it.
Thank you for your answer. I have a 2.2 engine with the idle speed control valve. It is not stuck or gummed, because it moves when I pull the vacuum hose off and on.