2009 Dodge Journey Q&A

2009 Dodge Journey Question: Cold air out passenger vent with heater on. Found blend door loose on that side.

Replaced air box but problem continues. No codes. System is a manual single heat system. -
Answer 1
door still loose? maybe incorrect installation -
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No door working and seals when out of the vehicle. Original door was cracked along shaft. new doors work in tandem manually and no movement on shaft. Thank you for your response. -
Answer 2
I just had same problem...was told by autodealer to turn on heat and let cold temp setting cycle through...then shutt off and star up again.shud fix....so i defrosted for 5 mins at high heat.then synced heat to low woith high fan for another 5 mins.shut off vehicle.started vehicle and slowly increased synced heat...IT WORKED! -
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Could you explain this process again? -