1998 Toyota Camry Q&A

1998 Toyota Camry Question: Coils are getting power to them but are not firing out?

My sister-in-laws car started leaking oil. Brother got it home. All oil was gone. Oil all over back of engine. He fixed that problem. Then fans wouldn't come on when car was started. Dad tried to by-pass with toggle switch. Didn't help. Now car will not start. Turns over but never starts. Any ideas?? -
Answer 1
ck for blown ecm fuse in fuse block -
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fuses were replaced -
Answer 2
What specifically was done to 'fix' the oil leak? Check fuses as mentioned before and if it's not a fuse (remember under dash and under hood fuse boxes), reply with more specifics and maybe we can be of further assistance. Was timing belt area part of what was oil soaked? -
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fuses were replaced. I am not sure what was done. I know head gasket was tightened and thats about as much as i know. Let em find out and get back to you. -