Coil went bad.Check engine light came on - why so expensive to replace 1 coil??? on 2006 Toyota Avalon

My "Maintenace Req'd" light came on in March. I continued to drive car @ 1000 miles (2 months) as there was no noticeable problem. Engine ran fine. Then on May 31, the check engine light, VSC lights came on, and I noticed car running rough and losing power, so I took it to the dealearship the same day.

They pull codes tell me 1 coil is bad; cylinder not firing, and causing unspent fuel in all 6 cylinders. Cost to replace the 1 coil, fuel injector clean, O2 sensor clean, emission and catalytic converter clean and replace all 6 plugs -- cost is $1600! Car only has 53,000 miles; oil changed regularly, etc.

This is my only problem -- but, wow! I though Toyota's were built to last! Dealer say it is rare for coil to fail -- but looking on this and other forums it appears they go out frequently. I considered replacing all coils -- adding another $600 to bill. Will wait for now. I know dealers are always high priced, but this seems crazy. Any one else have experience with coil outage and what did it cost you? Thanks.

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Which coil? Some are harder to get to than others, more labor required. That does sound a bit high though, I think. However i dont work at a dealership either! Parts i figure about 250.00 tops!!
Thank you for the info. Not sure... but they said it was one that was difficult to get to...lots of things had to be removed -- Naturally! It was also the cleaning of the fuel injectors, replacing all spark plugs, plus cleaning the O2 sensor, cat convertor and all related systems that were messed up do to the 2 months of driving with un-ignited fuel running through everything. Or that's what I was led to believe. I probably should have taken it to the local Toyota Dr a shop I've always had work done. But thought the dealership could get to it more quickly. They did, but there is a huge price to pay! Never again!
Yeah i dont blame you, any good independent shops around? If so that may be your best bet!
I would recommend using the RepairPal estimator. It is very well set up and being a RepairPal shop we sign an agreement saying we will abide the RepairPal quote. This is a good way to be sure you are paying a fare price.
I would recommend just replacing the coil pack only. If the check engine light comes on then replace the cat. But I don't think you need to do everything all at once.
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