COIL HOUSING on 1995 Pontiac Grand Am


by in Louisa, KY on February 07, 2009
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ANSWER by on February 08, 2009
There was a bulletin on 2.3 liter Quad Engines for the Coil packs and Coil Housings. ( they would arc and fail) Are you using AC Delco parts? Are you replacing the plugs, coil boots, coils and coil housings all at once, because when I did them at the GM dealship, that is what we had to do, or the car would 'come back'? Do you have any ignition module codes like code 42 for lack of EST timing. If the module is over heating the coils because of too much 'on' time then this could be a factor.
COMMENT by on September 03, 2010
Even after putting new plugs boots crank sensor cam sensor coil hoising new ignition control module it still fails after weeks runs good after a new housing is put on there should be a convertion kit for this to eliminate the coil housing. what about the crank sensor relean? don't forget that everyone. but still if i do this it still fails,even using ac delco parts
COMMENT by on September 03, 2010
Did you replace the coils with the coil housing or just the coils? Also, if the coils and housing are burnt, the Ignition Module may have been damaged as well. This is not a great design, I did a LOT of warranty work on these systems when I was a GM Diagnostic Tech at a GM Dealership.
COMMENT by on October 04, 2010
everything was replaced at the same time for the second time. I actually cleaned the engine of oil residue with purple power and never had a problem with it again i guess the oil was causing the coil housing to to burn up quick and over heat quicker runs good now.
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