Coffe color was spuwing out the raditor on 2000 BMW 323i

My 00 bmw started to over flow with a coffe w/cream color substance after I took it to the detail shop. They turned on the heat and didn't get warm at all necthing the car started to over heat and this coffee color can out , plus there was no oil int the engine

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This sounds like the headgasket is leaking oil into the cooling system. Take it to a repair shop and have them perform some tests to verify the leaking headgasket.
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You, my friend, need lots and lots of money. Yesireee, head gasket. That is the critical point where the oil and coolant are kept separate.
No oil in the engine.....not to worry. No oil means no lubrication which means new engine, which is what you were going to have to do anyway.
Those main bearings holding the crank in have got to be shot due to no oil. Coolant is a bad lubricator. Main Bearings shot=new engine also.
Coffee + cream, only thing left to do is go to Starbucks and see if you can set up some advertising gimmick. Maybe they're next to the BMW shop!
oil in water...makes coffie cream...try adding some oil treatment and get to da shop..i had da same problem with a 98 ford f150 ...coffie and cream looking oil .i added that oil treatment and it did seal oil from coolant cheap fix