Codes showed misfire in several cylinders after replacing plugs and coil packs s on 2003 Honda Accord

Still running rough cleand erg cencor now what should be cheched

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4 or 6 cyl.? Auto or manual?
6 it's a 3.0 misfire in 5 it's new. Random miss in 2 4 6 all new too have also cleaned the erg censor auto
Hopefully you're using a scanner? Unplug EGR (electrical) and see if any change in misfire. Could be faulty valve.
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rec. fuel system clean. ethanol treatment to 1 tank premium. ethanol blend in fuel causes build up in fuel system(possibly fouling injectors), combustion chambers, exhaust system and causes increased wear to spark plugs. fouled injectors can cause a misfire. injectors need to spray mist to fire properly. fouled injectors lose spray and tend to squirt(firing inconsistently: misfire).
result will take drive time. hope this helps.
Have unplugged erg and cleaned it Well also have put in the regular gas, gas mileage is very poor right now. Scanner shows the hard misfire in 5 and slight in 2,4,6
Is this a true scanner with live data or a code reader?
I believe a code reader
Live data would be more helpful , with a case like this. Might want to have a shop scan it while it's running , to see what's going on.